White paper reducing risk through on demand manufacturing

The product development cycle, with all its complexities, provides ample opportunity for risk reduction and cost savings. New technology-enabled manufacturing processes, often referred to as digital manufacturing, not only are producing prototype parts faster, but also are producing quick-turn, low-volume production parts. Request for Quote At every stage in the product life cycle, there is the non-value-added task of requesting and receiving quotations from suppliers—adding up to weeks or months to development.

Issues that arise during production can be avoided with automated quoting and design analysis.

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Alternative: Through software and automated manufacturing processes, interactive online quotes with manufacturability analysis are now made possible within hours and will flag any manufacturability issues before production begins. Advantage: Days, even weeks, saved during the design phase can accumulate to a month or more over the entire project and ultimately reduce the risk of redesign and associated costs.

Rapid Prototyping Throughout the product development process, several physical prototypes are required to test functionality, form and fit, and manufacturability. With each iteration, more time is added to the project and can lead to production delays.

Alternative: 3D printing expedites delivery of models and prototypes. Used in lieu of, or in conjunction with, conventional manufacturing practices like quick-turn CNC machining, 3D printing may reduce lead times by 50 percent to 80 percent.

Advantage: By leveraging expedited processes, companies can execute prototype evaluations without inducing delays during the product development process, which protects from even larger delays during the production phase. Pilot Production Usually consisting of 1, to 5, units, pilot production is used to market test a product, validate design, and fine-tune processes, further reducing risk before full-scale launch. This flexibility allows the substitution of processes to accelerate delivery while minimizing costs.

For example, CNC machining or 3D printing may be used for parts that will ultimately be molded. Additionally, aluminum tooling can cost-effectively produce molded parts at low-volumes. Advantage: Pilot production defers the investment in production equipment, including tooling, while accelerating the delivery of production-grade products. This allows a thorough analysis prior to investing in capital or operational assets. Bridge Tooling Bridge tooling is a stopgap solution that mitigates the impact of long lead times for production orders.

The intent is to deliver production-grade parts while production tooling and processes are in development. Alternative: Ideally, the same process as that for production will be used, but with more cost-effective assets. For example, soft tooling that minimizes complexity and expedites construction to reduce lead times.

In this case, tooling will likely forgo high-end automation and cycle-time acceleration features in favor of faster lead times and reduced costs. Advantage: Bridge tooling suppliers, due to their rapid response, are capable of absorbing upstream delays or unanticipated production delays to preserve delivery schedules.

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Subscribe here. Learn more.Organizations that consistently develop and launch new products efficiently in an environment of increasing regulatory scrutiny, successfully manage regulatory risk.

Organizational regulatory risk management capabilities may become a competitive advantage for all development stages. This report will address the regulatory risk of clinical development through a review of regulatory trends over the past 12 months.

The information presented is both across all life science categories drug, biologic, device and within each category. A thorough review of all FDA activity in the area of clinical development provides insight into regulatory risks.

Common elements exist in regulatory activity for drugs, biologics and devices regarding causes of regulatory citations. Additionally, regulatory trends highlight areas of concern for clinical investigators and Clinical Research Organizations. This provides sponsors greater insight into regulatory risk of organizations whose services are outsourced as part of clinical initiatives. Not yet a member of Outsourced Pharma? Register today. Sign up for the newsletter that brings you the industry's latest news, technologies, trends and products.

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White Paper: Manufacturing Outlook Proves Resilient Despite Uncertainty

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OnDemand: Industry 4.0’s Immediate Impacts on Food Manufacturing

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Internet Explorer Firefox Safari Chrome Additional requirements Before you access the event, you should ensure that your browser is configured to stream media. Linux continues to be the leading choice for embedded device operating systems but the decision on whether to choose Linux for use in a medical device setting includes the additional considerations of patient Multicore embedded systems are becoming increasingly common.

Cybercrime is pervasive, and in some industries it can even prove deadly.The terms are used so often that they might become easy to ignore: Transparency, Traceability, the Internet of Things, Industry 4. However, the reality is that these technologies continue to evolve and offer new ways for food and beverage processors to optimize workflow, eliminate downtime, remove production bottlenecks, respond more quickly to recalls, and improve margins.

More in Educational Resources - FM. The Value of One Unified Platform This white paper shows you how a move from disparate financial and inventory solutions to a unified solution can save your company time and money and eliminate long-term risk. It will also give you the four signs that a White Paper: Grow Sales By Embedding in Core Mfg Operations This white paper shows you how to stand out by providing a unique combination of personalized one-stop shopping convenience and operational excellence tools, while protecting your position and growing sales opportunities.

Business Continuity in Tough Times This report will show you how sales order automation radically optimizes how distributors and manufacturers handle the sales order process.

It will show you how to Equipment-as-a-Service is the Silver Bullet Industries are facing significant challenges - a market shift, rapid technology change, and increased competition.

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How to keep your business competitive? The Equipment-as-a-Service model enables access to new markets and secures a revenue increase. Distributors and manufacturers need to protect their businesses from the impacts that will be in play for most of This guide gives you three ways to We answer common questions about part durability and cost, and This new ebook gives you the key questions that you need to ask and answer when you are evaluating new technology. This whitepaper lists the seven ways your company can make fall protection a top priority in How to Select the Right Point Level Sensor Used as high, low, or mid-level sensors, they can assure a continuous supply of material into a production process and prevent downtime.

This new white paper tells you how to select the right point level sensor for your application.As a result, technical failures are unavoidable. It is however possible to decrease the probability that a failure will result in a severe accident. Reducing safety risk is critical in order to achieve customer safety requirements as well as boost your company reputation. There are several types of redundancies:. Standby: Backup unit is not operating, and only starts to operate after primary unit failure.

This may incur downtime during transition to the backup unit.

white paper reducing risk through on demand manufacturing

Load sharing: several unit share a load. When a unit fails the other units compensate by working harder, this increases their failure rate.

White Paper: Reducing Clinical Regulatory Risk For Drugs, Biologics And Devices

Skip to content. Facebook Twitter Linkedin YouTube. You are here:. Add Redundancy Pros: -Adding redundancy reduces the system failure rate because several failures are required rather than a single failure. There are several types of redundancies: Hot redundancy: Redundant unit is operating and quickly takes over when primary unit fails. Calculation is used later to verify that the detailed design meets the reliability requirements.

Consult a BQR Safety expert.The manufacturing sector struggled through the first half ofwith the coronavirus pandemic sending supply and demand on a seemingly nonstop roller-coaster ride and states issuing lockdowns that all but halted production in the spring. Lockdowns have now eased up, and many people have stopped hoarding toilet paper in favor of somewhat more typical buying habits.

As a result, there is a nascent industrial recovery happening in the U. FreightWaves partnered with Redwood Logistics to assess the current state of the manufacturing industry. The FreightWaves team surveyed manufacturers representing a large swatch of the sector about their outlook for the coming year. Complete the form below to access your complimentary copy of the complete findings.

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white paper reducing risk through on demand manufacturing

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white paper reducing risk through on demand manufacturing

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