The life and works of henry clay

His family's home became a stop on the Underground Railroadassisting runaway slaves to freedom in Canadafor which his father was once imprisoned. Work was self-taught in music. By the time he was 23, he worked as a printer in Chicago, specializing in setting musical type. He allegedly composed in his head as he worked, without a piano, using the noise of the machinery as an inspiration.

Work produced much of his best material during the Civil War. He captured the deeply-felt emotions of that conflict and was more popular even than Stephen Foster.

Life and Works of Abraham Lincoln/Volume 3/Eulogy of Henry Clay

Work shares much of the credit for the development of the carefully refined Verse-Chorus structure of late 19th century popular song. This use of slave dialect Irish too was a favourite tended to limit the appeal of Work's works and make them frowned upon today. Louis ". His effort "Wake Nicodemus" was popular in minstrel shows.

In he wrote his greatest hit, " Marching Through Georgia ", inspired by Sherman 's march to the sea at the end of the previous year. Thanks to its lively melody, the song was immensely popular, its million sheet-music sales being unprecedented.

It is a cheerful marching song and has since been pressed into service many times, including by Princeton University as a football fight song. Timothy Shay Arthur 's play Ten Nights in a Barroomhad Work's "Come Home, Father", a dirgesome song bemoaning the demon drink: too mawkish for modern tastes, but always sung at Temperance Meetings.

An unhappy marriage seems to have affected his postwar output. A massive hit was " My Grandfather's Clock ", published inwhich was introduced by Sam Lucas in Hartford, Connecticutand again secured more than a million sales of the sheet music, along with popularizing the phrase "grandfather clock" to describe a longcase clock.

By Work was living in New York Citygiving his occupation as a musician. He was survived by his wife, Sarah Parker Work, and one of their four children. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Stanley Sadie, ed. Grove's Dictionaries, Inc. Categories : births deaths American male composers American lyricists Songwriters from Connecticut People of the American Civil War Underground Railroad people American abolitionists 19th-century American composers Songwriters from New York state 19th-century male musicians.

Namespaces Article Talk.Henry Clay worked as a frontier lawyer before becoming a Kentucky senator and then speaker of the House of Representatives.

He was the Secretary of State under John Quincy Adams in the s, later returning to Congress, and pushed for the Compromise ofwith overall conflicting stances on race and slavery. A distinguished political leader whose influence extended across both houses of Congress and to the White House, Henry Clay Sr. Clay was raised with modest wealth, the seventh of nine children born to Reverend John and Elizabeth Hudson Clay.

His link to American history came at an early age. He was 3 years old when he watched the British troops ransack his family home. Inhe was admitted to the Virginia bar. Then, like a number of ambitious young lawyers, Clay moved to Lexington, Kentucky, a hotbed of land-title lawsuits. Clay mingled well in his new home. He was sociable, didn't hide his tastes for drinking and gambling, and developed a deep love for horses.

Clay's standing in his adopted state was furthered by his marriage to Lucretia Hart, the daughter of a wealthy Lexington businessman, in The two remained married for more than 50 years, having 11 children together. His political career kicked off in when he was elected to the Kentucky General Assembly. Voters gravitated toward Clay's Jeffersonian politics, which early on saw him push for a liberalization of the state's constitution.

the life and works of henry clay

He also strongly opposed the Alien and Sedition Acts of In the private sector, his work as an attorney brought success and plenty of clients. One of those included Aaron Burrwhom Clay represented in in a wild case in which Burr was accused of planning an expedition into Spanish Territory and essentially trying to create a new empire. Clay had defended Burr out of a belief that he was innocent, but later, when it was revealed that Burr was guilty of the charges levied against him, Clay spurned his former client's attempts at making amends.

Inthe same year he took on the Burr case, Clay received his first taste of national politics when he was appointed to the U. He was just 29 years old. Over the next few years, Clay served out the unexpired terms in the U.

Henry Clay

InClay was elected to the U. House of Representatives, where he eventually served as Speaker of the House. In all, Clay would come to serve multiple terms in the U. House —14, —21, —25 and Senate —07, —11, —42, — Clay had come to the House as a War Hawk, a leader who vocally pushed his government to confront the British over its conscription of American seamen. In part due to Clay's political pressure, the United States went to war with Britain in the War of The conflict proved crucial in forging a lasting American independence from England.

But while he pushed for war, Clay also showed himself to be crucial in the peacemaking process. When the battles ceased, President James Madison appointed Clay as one of five delegates to negotiate a peace treaty with Britain in Ghent, Belgium. On other fronts, Clay took some of the biggest issues of the day head-on. He pushed for independence for several Latin American republics, advocated for a national bank and, perhaps most significantly, argued strongly and successfully for a negotiated settlement between enslaved people-owning states and the rest of the country over its western policy.

The resulting Missouri Compromisewhich passed infound a necessary balance that allowed for America's continued western expansion while simultaneously holding off any bloodshed over the white-hot topic of slavery. Two more times in his political career would Clay step in as lead negotiator and prevent a breakup of the still young United States. Inhe walked South Carolina back from the brink of secession. At issue was a series of international tariffs on U.

the life and works of henry clay

The cotton and tobacco states of the South were hurt the most by the new tariff agreement, much more so than the industrial north. Clay's Compromise Tariff of slowly reduced the tariff rate and eased the tensions between the Andrew Jackson White House and Southern legislators. Inwith the question raised of whether California should become part of the United States as either an enslaved people state or a free state, Clay stepped to the negotiating table once more to stave off bloodshed.Clay was an unsuccessful candidate for president in three general elections, running first inthen as a National Republicanand finally as a Whig Clay was born on a modest farm in Virginia during the American Revolution.

He was the fourth of five surviving siblings. Campaign biographies later portrayed him as rising from poverty, but that depiction ignored an adequate education and family connections that landed him a clerkship under the celebrated Virginia jurist George Wythethe judge of the state chancery court in Richmond. Wythe introduced Clay to the law and arranged for his legal instruction under state attorney general and former governor Robert Brooke.

Clay proved a quick study and was admitted to the bar in The glut of lawyers in Richmond persuaded him to follow his family to Kentucky, where they had moved in Clay settled in Lexington in and soon had a thriving law practice. In addition to handling lucrative cases dealing with disputed land titles, Clay developed a commanding courtroom presence that made him a formidable defense attorney.

Supreme Court. He was also possibly the first attorney to use a successful plea of temporary insanity to save from the gallows a client accused of murder. Those strategies were among the innovations that marked him as a legal pioneer.

As a new resident of Lexington, Clay joined leading citizens to promote civic improvements and support Transylvania Universitya prestigious institution where he taught law.

He named the farm Ashland after its many blue ash trees Fraxinus quadrangulata. There he cultivated a variety of grains and bred sheep, blooded entirely or largely purebred cattle, and extraordinary race horses.

He was a member of one of the first syndicates in the United States to purchase a Thoroughbred stallion for competition and stud service. Because Clay seemed eager for social advancement and Hart was apparently a plain girl, their marriage has been described as a cold arrangement to save her from spinsterhood while providing him social status and economic security.

If others thought their marriage devoid of passion, they could have disagreed. They had 11 children. Five were boys, but Clay especially doted on his daughters. Those losses made Clay and Lucretia closer in grief. The law was a natural path to politics.Henry Clay Sr. He was the seventh House Speaker and the ninth Secretary of State. He received electoral votes for president in the, and presidential elections. For his role in defusing sectional crises, he earned the appellation of the "Great Compromiser" and was part of the " Great Triumvirate.

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Clay was born in Hanover County, Virginiain and launched a legal career in Lexington, Kentuckyin As a member of the Democratic-Republican PartyClay won election to the Kentucky state legislature in and to the U. House of Representatives in Inhe helped negotiate the Treaty of Ghentwhich brought an end to the War of After the war, Clay returned to his position as Speaker of the House and developed the American Systemwhich called for federal infrastructure investmentssupport for the national bankand high protective tariff rates.

Inhe helped bring an end to a sectional crisis over slavery by leading the passage of the Missouri Compromise. Clay finished with the fourth-most electoral votes in the multi-candidate presidential electionand he helped John Quincy Adams win the contingent election held to select the president. President Adams appointed Clay to the prestigious position of secretary of state; critics alleged that the two had agreed to a " corrupt bargain. Clay won election to the Senate in and ran as the National Republican nominee in the presidential election, but he was defeated by President Jackson.


After the election, Clay helped bring an end to the Nullification Crisis by leading passage of the Tariff of During Jackson's second term, opponents of the president coalesced into the Whig Party, and Clay became a leading congressional Whig.

Clay sought the presidency in the election but was defeated at the Whig National Convention by William Henry Harrison. He clashed with Harrison's running mate and successor, John Tylerwho broke with Clay and other congressional Whigs after taking office upon Harrison's death in Clay resigned from the Senate in and won the Whig presidential nomination, but he was defeated in the general election by Democrat James K.

Polkwho made the annexation of the Republic of Texas his key issue. Clay strongly criticized the subsequent Mexican—American War and sought the Whig presidential nomination inbut was defeated by General Zachary Taylor. After returning to the Senate inClay played a key role in passing the Compromise ofwhich resolved a crisis over the status of slavery in the territories.

Clay is generally regarded as one of the most important and influential political figures of his era.

Henry Clay Work

The British raided Clay's home shortly after the death of his father, leaving the family in a precarious economic position.Delivered in the State House at Springfield, Ill.

July 16, Reported in the Illinois State Journal. On the fourth day of July,the people of a few feeble and oppressed colonies of Great Britain, inhabiting a portion of the Atlantic coast of North America, publicly declared their national independenceand made their appeal to the justice of their cause and to the God of battles for the maintenance of that declaration.

That people were few in number and without resources, save only their wise heads and stout hearts. Within the first year of that declared independence, and while its maintenance was yet problematical,—while the bloody struggle between those resolute rebels and their haughty would-be masters was still waging,—of undistinguished parents and in an obscure district of one of those colonies Henry Clay was born.

The infant nation and the infant child began the race of life together. For three quarters of a century they have traveled hand in hand. They have been companions ever. The nation has passed its perils, and it is free, prosperous, and powerful. In all that has concerned the nation the man ever sympathized; and now the nation mourns the man. The day after his death one of the public journals, opposed to him politically, held the following pathetic and beautiful language, which I adopt partly because such high and exclusive eulogy, originating with a political friend, might offend good taste, but chiefly because I could not in any language of my own so well express my thoughts:.

Who can realize that never again that majestic form shall rise in the council-chambers of his country to beat back the storms of anarchy which may threaten, or pour the oil of peace upon the troubled billows as they rage and menace around?

Who can realize that the workings of that mighty mind have ceased, that the throbbings of that gallant heart are stilled, that the mighty sweep of that graceful arm will be felt no more, and the magic of that eloquent tongue, which spake as spake no other tongue besides, is hushed—hushed for ever!

Who can realize that freedom's champion, the champion of a civilized world and of all tongues and kindreds of people, has indeed fallen! Alas, in those dark hours of peril and dread which our land has experienced, and which she may be called to experience again, to whom now may her people look up for that counsel and advice which only wisdom and experience and patriotism can give, and which only the undoubting confidence of a nation will receive?

Perchance in the whole circle of the great and gifted of our land there remains but one on whose shoulders the mighty mantle of the departed statesman may fall; one who while we now write is doubtless pouring his tears over the bier of his brother and friend—brother, friend, ever, yet in political sentiment as far apart as party could make them. Ah, it is at times like these that the petty distinctions of mere party disappear.

Henry Clay belonged to his country—to the world; mere party cannot claim men like him. His career has been national, his fame has filled the earth, his memory will endure to the last syllable of recorded time. Henry Clay is dead! He breathed his last on yesterday, at twenty minutes after eleven, in his chamber at Washington. To those who followed his lead in public affairs, it more appropriately belongs to pronounce his eulogy and pay specific honors to the memory of the illustrious dead.

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But all Americans may show the grief which his death inspires, for his character and fame are national property. As on a question of liberty he knew no North, no South, no East, no West, but only the Union which held them all in its sacred circle, so now his countrymen will know no grief that is not as wide-spread as the bounds of the confederacy.

The career of Henry Clay was a public career. From his youth he was devoted to the public service, at a period, too, in the world's history justly regarded as a remarkable era in human affairs. He witnessed in the beginning the throes of the French Revolution.

He saw the rise and fall of Napoleon. He was called upon to legislate for America, and direct her policy when all Europe was the battle-field of contending dynasties, and when the struggle for supremacy imperiled the rights of all neutral nations.Leader of the Whig party and five times an unsuccessful presidential candidate, Henry Clay played a central role on the stage of national politics for over forty years.

He was secretary of state under John Quincy Adams, Speaker of the House of Representatives longer than anyone else in the nineteenth century, and the most influential member of the Senate during its golden age. In a parliamentary system, he would have undoubtedly become prime minister.

Through it all he displayed remarkable consistency of purpose: he was a nationalist, devoted to the economic development and political integration of the United States. But Clay also served as a negotiator at the Ghent peace conference, and for the rest of his life pursued conciliation at home and abroad. Although a slaveholder, Clay disapproved of slavery as a system; he advocated gradual emancipation and the resettlement of the freed people in Africa.

He defended, unsuccessfully, the right of the so-called Five Civilized Tribes of Indians to their lands. He warned that annexation of Texas would provoke war with Mexico and exacerbate tensions between North and South, and he opposed the war when it came.

He consistently fostered good relations with Latin America. Public lands in the West were to be sold rather than given away to homesteaders so the proceeds could be used for education and internal improvements. The program was intended to promote economic development and diversification, reduce dependence on imports, and tie together the different sections of the country.

the life and works of henry clay

Coming from the border state of Kentuckyhe was predisposed toward moderation when sectional conflicts were involved. His main objective was to avoid a civil war. But in this, as in so many of his more immediate goals, he was defeated.

Clay never became president, and his Whig party disappeared shortly after his death. But its successor, the Republican party, put many features of the American System into operation. In the long run, his economic and political vision of America was largely fulfilled.

Eric Foner and John A. Garraty, Editors. All rights reserved. But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us! Subscribe for fascinating stories connecting the past to the present. He was a gifted orator and major figure in the American Revolution. His rousing speeches—which included a speech to the Virginia legislature in which he famously declared, While working as an engineer for the Edison Illuminating Company in Detroit, Henry Ford built his first gasoline-powered horseless carriage, the Quadricycle, in the shed behind his home.

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Henry Clay’s Influence on America

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