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Contact us to learn about the solutions our team of strategic marketing consultants can provide, customized to meet and exceed your organization's growth objectives. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content. We're a collaborative group of strategic marketers and specialists that creates custom profit center marketing solutions. Debra Andrews. Debra Andrews Founder and President. Debra is a sought-after strategic marketing consultant, inbound marketing expert, author, speaker, and thought leader.

Since founding Marketri inshe has created strategic roadmaps for clients in accounting, law, engineering, architecture, construction, management consulting, environmental consulting, technology products, and packaging.

Clients rely on her to help structure their marketing departments and open clearer, more collaborative lines of communication between marketing, sales, and management. Sylvia Marten. As a strategic thinker and analytical problem solver, Sylvia creates growth, marketing, and business development strategies for clients, enabling them to reach and engage their target audiences, differentiate their offerings, and gain critical market share.

Her industry work includes startups through category leaders in complex business environments such as digital health, medtech, SaaS, healthcare, digital media, publishing, professional services, energy and nonprofits. Hannah Phillip.

Hannah is an analytical strategist with expertise in unlocking insights from data to fuel business growth, marketing optimization and digital innovation. Hannah has built and led results-driven analytics teams, developed measurement methodologies and best practices, and established agile, data-driven cultures.

Applying an evidence-based, customer-centric approach to marketing, Hannah is skilled at driving results through creative campaign and CRM strategies that are rooted in analytical rigor. Prior to joining Marketri, Hannah has most recently led analytics teams at Cole Haan and Coach, where she evangelized the use of data to improve strategic decision-making, marketing performance and customer relationships. Hannah also has experience in start-up marketing at SiteAdvisor, which was acquired by McAfee, and in healthcare equity research at S.

Erica Gentilucci. Erica Gentilucci Marketing Director. Erica is a seasoned marketing consultant whose solutions are derived from the intersection of strategy and creativity. Her experience spans B2B and B2C, building brands, messaging, strategies, and marketing plans for national companies and startups alike. She has worked on each side of the ad dollar - client, agency and network — giving her a unique and perspective on planning and executing effective and efficient plans.

Rounding out her experience, Erica has worked on projects that cross customer journeys, focus on building out marketing operations and automation, generate leads, and make customers happier. Her experience includes making the complex simple in industries such as telecommunications, SaaS, healthcare, retail, government, media, IOT, sustainability and professional services.

Trisha Gallagher. Trisha Gallagher Marketing Director. Trisha is an experienced marketing director with 10 years of experience in marketing strategy and brand growth with a digital-led approach. She has worked on national brands in a variety of industries including technology, hospitality, finance, law, construction, e-commerce, non-profit, and many others.

Trisha specializes in aligning digital strategy with overall marketing and brand growth initiatives. Her professional experience includes both strategic planning and creative execution across the full digital spectrum including email, social, web, SEO, content, and overall lead generation.

Prior to joining Marketri, she spent the last 5 years at an agency working with companies to develop modern, integrated marketing programs. Anne Core. Anne Core Marketing Director.If you want to understand what motivates customers to purchase your products or services, a top marketing consultant can help you uncover things like consumer motivations, key trigger points, and barriers to purchase. This specialized type of consultancy may have some cross over at times with an advertising firm, but they are not one and the same.

While advertisers are all about getting your message in front of your audience, the best marketing consulting firms go a step beyond that. Consulting firms that specialize in marketing use data analytics and technology to determine the different points of your buying cycle to help you understand what message works best at each stage and develop a multiple pronged marketing strategy.

Marketing is a process with multiple moving parts that can include both offline and online efforts. Without expert guidance, many companies can get stuck at a sales plateau, not knowing exactly how to get out of it to re-energize their business.

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Best Marketing Strategy Firms. Many companies have their own marketing departments and might wonder why they should hire an outside marketing consultant. There are several reasons you may want to consider calling in their help. Optimize Your Marketing Strategy. They can also include benchmarks to help you reduce cost per lead acquisition and increase response rates. Extend Your Capabilities. If your team is already overwhelmed keeping up with clients and your marketing tasks are falling behind, a marketing consultant can come in and take over marketing efforts for you, extending your capabilities.

Top-Rated Marketing Consulting Firms. Innovative Techniques. Marketing consultants keep their finger on the pulse beat of the marketing world and may introduce you to new software, industry trends, or ideas that can help energize your marketing and sales efforts.

They come with a fresh perspective and years of experience that can often help you take a look at your customers and how to interact with them in a whole new way. Streamlined Strategies. The best marketing consulting companies can help you strategize for the best return on your marketing dollars. For example, you may be currently marketing on nearly every social platform, but not getting the same results on each.

All-in-One Change Management Tools. Top Rated Toolkit for Change Managers. What methodology does AdvisoryHQ use in selecting and finalizing the credit cards, financial products, firms, services, and products that are ranked on its various top-rated lists?

Below, please find the detailed review of each firm on our list of top marketing consulting companies.Your identity communicates to your prospective customer why they should do business with you rather than one of your competitors.

Even if after a period of time your website or your ad lands on the first page of search results, Google is going to know how many people click on your listing; how long they stay on your page; how many pages they view on your website; whether they gave you their email address in exchange for something valuable such as a report or video.

Google knows ALL. They know if visitors bounce… i. If visitors bounce — your site will quickly fall off the first page… never to return — unless you improve your conversionability and your engagement with site visitors.

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So how do you fix this? It all starts with your Identity. It is powerful, important, and relevant content articulated with passion that communicates precisely why they should do business with you rather than any of your competitors. Think about it this way. This is part of what we do. The purpose of your website is to attract, interact, engage, and capture leads, prospects and sales.

Search for:. However, staying there is difficult. Who you are? Let me ask you a question… Why do you have a website to begin with? What is the purpose of your website? At Strategic Marketing we believe your website is the most powerful marketing tool in your arsenal. WordPress Video Lightbox.Some companies can manage their marketing needs on their own.

But those businesses have enormous, dedicated marketing departments with team members who specialize in every conceivable concentration. Few organizations have the resources, expertise and time needed to keep up with marketing trends and optimize their strategies accordingly.

Even large corporations struggle with the break-neck speed of digital marketing, and may need the assistance of a consulting firm. Businesses that stand to benefit from marketing consulting services typically meet any of the following criteria:. Working with a marketing consultant gives you direct access to a team of experts who live and breathe digital marketing all day, every day.

Brafton consultants understand how every part of your marketing strategy impacts performance. They can tweak and finetune your marketing efforts to get better results. Our marketing consultants are well-versed in the many factors that determine digital marketing success, including:. Think of us as an extension of your organization and your marketing team.

Our marketing consulting services are full-service, end-to-end solutions. Your marketing strategy needs to be laser-focused to reach potential clients, bring in qualified leads and score valuable conversions. Brafton marketing consultants can craft a successful marketing program, campaign or strategy built around the specifics of your industry, your business and your customer base. We also take into account the latest changes and updates to the digital marketing landscape.

Industry best practices become outdated very quickly, but we always have our ears to the ground to catch the most recent developments. You can rest easy knowing your marketing strategy incorporates the most up-to-date engagement trends, search engine algorithm changes and marketing best practices.

Brafton consultants understand how sales and marketing efforts support one another.

strategic marketing consulting

They devise marketing strategies that generate qualified leads while leveraging sales data to inspire your next successful marketing campaign. Every aspect of your marketing efforts needs to take SEO into account, from website design to content creation. SEO is at the core of everything we do. Our consultants will develop customer personas to guide your marketing efforts, from outreach strategies to content creation. Our diligent, time-tested process uses considerable research to define your key customer demographics and sketch out your buyer and influencer personas.

Social media networks are great places to interact with potential and returning customers and start establishing a digital presence for your brand. We steadily build your social media presence, increasing your followers, working with industry influencers and guiding users to your other channels. Your brand website is the centerpiece of your digital marketing strategy, but it needs to be fully optimized to produce the best results. Email remains one of the most important channels for digital marketers, supporting lead generation, prospect nurturing and brand awareness objectives.

Brafton offers a host of email marketing services to support your marketing strategies, generate conversions and produce tangible results for your business. Our email automation capabilities simplify and accelerate your email marketing efforts, reaching more potential customers with far less effort. Brafton marketing automation services also extend to other facets of a marketing campaign including content marketing, social engagement and brand promotion.

We take the headaches out of managing your day-to-day marketing needs. In many ways, content marketing is digital marketing. Virtually every aspect of a marketing plan is driven by content: landing page copy, marketing materials, social media posts, lead nurture emails, etc. Our consultants develop content marketing strategies that are tailored to your marketing, commercial and business goals. Whether you need heavily researched content to establish thought leadership, promotional material to showcase new products or help to maintain a strong social presence across different channels, we can help.

Retargeted ads remind past visitors to come back and peruse your offerings or catch up on your latest content.

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Paired with third-party data and web analytics, retargeting strategies can even help brands reach out to customers who have never visited their site. Brafton marketing consultants can package the right retargeting strategy that builds brand awareness and drives more valuable traffic to your site.When you make a living off of music you can splurge.

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I know you want to drop everything and produce but understand it will lose some allure. Opportunity cost is a fiend. Your speakers can deteriorate overtime.

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strategic marketing consulting

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strategic marketing consulting

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